Wave Propagation in Electromagnetoelastic Media

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ISBN: 5-354-01042-X.
Año: 2005
Idioma: English
Encuadernación: Rústica


The book focuses on the main characteristics of coupled electromagnetoelastic waves, surface Rayleigh waves in piezoelectric and magnetoelastic media, Lamb waves and shear waves in piezoelectrics. The authors discuss the criteria of dielectric and piezoelectric breakdown. All topics of the book receive full coverage at the modern mathematical level.

The book is intended for professionals working in the field of mechanics of deformed solid body, acoustics and defectoscopy, and for postgraduates and students specializing in physics and mechanics of continuous media.


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1 General relations of the mechanics of piezoelectrics and electroconductive media in an electromagnetic field
1.1. Fundamental relations of electrodynamics
1.2. A piezoelectric effect in crystals and the equations of electroelasticity of piezoelectrics
1.3. Defining relations of the theory of magnetoelasticity
1.4. Energy of propagation of electromagnetoelastic waves

2 Coupled electromagnetic elastic waves in an unbounded medium
2.1. Propagation of electroelastic waves in an unbounded piezoelectric medium with finite conductivity
2.2. Propagation of plane waves in a piezoceramic medium of class $6mm$
2.3. Plane magnetoelastic waves in an isotropic electroconductive medium

3 Surface Rayleigh waves in piezoceramic and magnetoelastic media
3.1. Excitation of Rayleigh waves in a piezoelectric space by two electrodes of opposite charge
3.2. Oscillation of a piezoelectric halfspace with a periodic system of electrodes
3.3. An anti-symmetric finite system of electrodes on the boundary of a piezoelectric
3.4. Excitation of axial symmetric Rayleight waves in a piezoelectric halfspace by end electrodes and circular electrodes
3.5. Rayleigh magnetoelastic surface waves in an elastic halfspace

4 Shear waves in piezoelectrics
4.1. Excitation of Gulyaev–Bluestein surface waves in a piezoelectric half-space with a finite anti-symmetric system of electrodes
4.2. Structure and characteristics of a shear wave in a hexagonal layer in a piezoelectric
4.3. Oscillations of a piezoelectric circular cylinder with a system of surface electrodes
4.4. Shear waves in acoustically connected halfspaces of a dielectric and piezoelectric

5 Harmonic Lamb waves in a piezoelectric strip
5.1. Excitation and characteristics of symmetric Lamb waves in a piezoelectric wave
5.2. Excitation and characteristics of anti-symmetric Lamb waves in a piezoelectric strip

6 Criteria of the breakdown of dielectrics and piezoelectrics
6.1. Energetic analysis of the breakdown of dielectrics
6.2. Invariant integrals, intensity factors of the density of charges and phenomenological criteria of the breakdown of dielectrics
6.3. Practical application of the criteria for the breakdown of dielectrics
6.4. The energetic analysis and phenomenologic criteria of an electromechanic breakdown of piezoelectrics

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