• A theory of physical vacuum: A new paradigm


      The monograph contains the results of the program of the geometrization of the equations of physics advanced by Einstein at the beginning of the 20th century and developed by the author who gives the idea of the universal principle of relativity and the theory of physical vacuum and analyses theoretical and experimental effects of the theory. The second part of the monograph develops the mathematical system of the physical vacuum theory. It contains the main characteristics of the absolute parallelism geometry in vector and spinor basis. The book is intended for specialist in theoretical physics, teachers, post-grad­uates, students and everyone interested in new physical theories.

    • A Theory of Light without Special Relativity?


      The nature of light being a subject of intensive research and speculation over the centuries still remains a “dark” issue of the modern physics. It has been established that light transfers energy from the source to the receiver by discrete portions, the quanta. However, there is no unified point of view on the nature of the material carrier of the light quantum, that is, the photon. There are several types of photon used in descriptions of the experiments that demonstrate quantum optical effects. The difference in usage of the term “photon” reflects the difference in interpretation of the results of such experiments.

    • ¿Cómo se registran las partículas?


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      Hace cincuenta años fue presagiada la existencia de una partícula que, como pareció al principio, era imposible de detectar. Pararegistrar el “neutrino” y descubrir muchos enigmas de la naturaleza relacionados con esta partícula, de los físicos se requirió una tenaz labor de muchos años, así como talento e inventiva. Y, además, los físicos necesitaron instrumentos: detectores de partículas elementales, los más sensibles en el mundo. Precisamente sobre estos instrumentos, sobre la forma de plantear los experimentos, sobre el neutrino y sobre algunos científicos nos relatará este libro.

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