Urban development in transitional economy

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The book is devoted to development of the ideas of system approach to the research and regulation of the space structure of the cities. It is methodical foundation is the concept of dynamic system analyses and system regulators orientated to the problems of urban development. It is realized with the help of the instruments comprising economic-mathematical and macro-system models of urban sub-systems and of the city on the whole, methods of optimal planning and the procedure of making decisions in the field of functional-space development of the urban systems. Considerable part of the book is devoted to the application of the developed system approach to the solution of the problems of Moscow development. The analysis of the evolution of the town-planning concept of the city is accompanied by quite volumetric and multi-factor information about functional-space development of Moscow.

The material of the book is set forth on a good formal level, it is rich in content and is presented in a way easily understood by a wide range of readers that are interested in the problems of city development, as well as the students of architectural-construction and economic colleges.