On Love, Family, and the State

Philosophical-sociological Essay

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Battler A.
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The problems of love, family and state are topics that are widely discussed both in the West and in Russia. This essay, however, differs from all previous research work in that Alex Battler elevated the well-known words “love,” “family” and “marriage” to the level of concepts. This enabled the author to correlate them to the conception of force and progress he had substantiated in the book Dialectics of Force: Ontóbia, and ultimately to define the regular connection between the destruction of marriage and the collapse of state within the context of the law of entropy growth, or “the law of death.”

The theoretical philosophical part of the work is supplemented by sociological data that show the comparative picture of the family and marriage situation in the West and in Russia.

Despite the seriousness of its topics, the work is written in the genre of a publicistic essay, i.e. in a language that makes the text accessible to a wide circle of readers interested in the aforementioned problems.

Introduction: the ideal, the meaning of life, and progress
Chapter I. Love: its essence and manifestation
  Ancient Greeks on love
  Love, the Bible, and Thomas of Aquinas
  Love in the epoch of Renaissance and Enlightenment
  German philosophers on love
  Love Russian-style
  Erich Fromm's philosophy of love
  Contemporary American approaches to the theory of love
  The law of love: increasing mankind's life delta
Chapter II. A woman's intelligence and / or beauty
  There are brains and then there are brains, or woman is no comrade to man
  Girl or boy, nature or nurture
  Male intellect + female beauty = mankind
  Why are Russian women more attractive than Western ones?
Chapter III. Family, love, and marriage
  The forming of family and monogamy
  Love + monogamy = monophilogamy
  Marriage and the state
  The upbringing of children
  The ideal wife and the ideal family
  Divorce is the cessation of love
Chapter IV. The crisis of the family in the West
  Decay of the family -- dropping birth rates
  The consequences and causes of the decay of family
  Post-liberalism as an attempt to overcome the crisis of family
Chapter V. The Russian catastrophe