Hierarchy and Power in the History of Civilizations

Ancient and Medieval Cultures

Ciencias Sociales
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The human history has evidenced various systems of hierarchy and power in different spheres of social life. The relations of hierarchy and power penetrate the whole of social life but naturally they are most visible in the political sphere. The careful study of each particular case of such relations is of great significance. In the meantime it is very important to see both the general features typical for all or most of the hierarchy and power forms, and their variation. Among all the systems of power and submission the ancient and medieval systems are of special interest in certain respects, as they are characterized by tremendous variation, and also because among them one can find especially pure cases of natural evolution of power and hierarchy structures. In this volume the relations of hierarchy and power are studied with respect to representative samples of pre-modern states and societies. These interesting and revealing cases cover a wide range both in time and space, as well as different types of the relations of hierarchy and power in the history of ancient and medieval civilizations.

List of Contributors
Part I. Ancient States of the Old World
  1. The Image of the King in Ancient Egyptian Literature: From Axial Background Functions to Fully-Engaged Object of Action 
Anastasia A. Banschikova
  2. The Power of Perceptions: The Ancient Near East as a Case in Point 
Paul A. Kruger
  3. Early State in the Classical World: Statehood and Ancient Democracy 
Leonid E. Grinin
Part II. Medieval Eurasian States: The Cases of Chinggis-Khan Empire and Old Russia
  4. The Impact of Prescriptive Marriage System on Medieval Mongol State and Society 
Valentin C. Golovachev
  5. Structure of Power in Nomadic Empires of Inner Asia: Anthropological Approach 
Nikolay N. Kradin
  6. Struggle for Power in the Mongol Ulus at the Turn of the 12th and 13th Centuries 
Tatiana D. Skrynnikova
  7. The Mechanisms of the Old Russian State Genesis 
Evgeniy A. Shinakov